The fun and fascinating team building activity

If you are looking for a London Treasure Hunt, or you are seeking ideas for a team building event that can provide the perfect mix of fun and fascination, then look no further.

Our wide variety of treasure hunts around London offer genuine value for money, yet their quality is unsurpassed.

A team pointing up at a clue.

Each of our London quests makes a great team building activity and is designed to ensure that participants work together to solve a series of cryptic clues and observational challenges, whilst also experiencing and discovering intriguing parts of the Capital that can be so easily overlooked or missed.

They are, therefore, perfect as a team building event or activity, but they also lend themselves to other endeavours, such as office away days and social events; familiarising staff with the geography and layout of a neighbourhood following relocation; acting as an ice-breaker for a team that is about to start work on a new project; rewarding the team when that project has been completed; or simply providing participants with a fun and pleasant day or night out in London.

"An absolutely brilliant evening"

A treasure hunt team squeezes into a London phone box.

I just wanted to say thank you once again for an absolutely brilliant evening.

The Treasure Hunt was again very well organised and thought out. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the photo in the phone box was a great idea.

I look forward to working with you again next year on our London Treasure Hunt.

Jo Nicholson.
Baring Asset Management

We've Got London Covered

From the heart of the historic City to the secret passageways of Spitalfields.

A group on a team building day posing by London's Tower Bridge.

From the depths of docklands to the heights of Hampstead. From Mayfair to Marylebone; Chelsea to Chinatown; Wapping to Westminster; King's Cross to Kensington; Southwark to Soho - the Treasure Hunt People have truly got London covered.

Our treasure hunts are a mix of fun things to do and fascinating places to discover and experience. Each one has been carefully crafted to ensure it achieves the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Whether you want us to manage the event for you, or you want to make use of our hugely popular self managed London Treasure Hunts, you will find our approach to be both refreshing and flexible.

We understand the concept of team building and are, therefore, adept at creating activities that enable participants to both bond as colleagues and work together as a team.

We Know London Inside Out

London has so much to offer by way of varied and interesting routes for a treasure hunt, and our planning expertise ensures that each of our quests provides participants with an activity that is both challenging and fun whilst, at the same time, enabling them to discover and explore away from the busy main roads and well known locations.

We will work with you to plan an event that meets with your exact requirements and which incorporates any ideas you may have.

A team counts the windows of a building as part of a London activity day.

But we'll also make creative suggestions that will enhance both the treasure hunt itself and the participants enjoyment of the activity.

We can, for example, take you step by step around a potential route the moment you phone us up with an enquiry.

We don't need to go away and look at or research an area to be able to advise you on what will and will not work because we know London inside out.

We can spirit you back in time into a warren of lovely old mews that exist less than a stone's throw from the Science Museum.

We can take you through an atmospheric old burial ground that survives in the back streets around King's Cross where a tree with gravestones poking from its trunk has found its way onto one of our routes!

It's this in depth local knowledge that provides your guarantee of quality and that ensures that none of our products are just run of the mill activities.

Quality Treasure Hunts In London Since 1982

We designed and conducted out first treasure hunt 32 years ago and since then we have devised over 7,000 treasure hunts.

A treasure  hunt sheet.

We really can offer you a depth of experience and a level of professionalism that is unrivalled.

That is why many of our clients have remained loyal clients who make use of our services year after year.

They know that, from the initial consultation and on through every stage of the planning, we are 100% dedicated to maintaining a level of service that is second to none.

Devised By A Published Author

Richard Jones, who writes all our treasure hunts, is an expert on London and is a published author with nineteen international best sellers to his name.

Author Richard Jones who writes all our London treasure hunts.

These include Frommer's Memorable Walks in London; Walking Dickensian London; Walking Haunted London; London History and Mystery Walks; Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London; Jack the Ripper:- The Casebook; Haunted London and Haunted Britain, for which legendary actor Tom Baker wrote the forward.

In addition to his output as an author, Richard has also made frequent television appearances on the History and Discovery Channels as an expert "talking head" interviewee on topics as diverse as Haunted London, Jack the Ripper and Charles Dickens.

He also appears on the, regularly repeated, SKY ONE programme Vic Reeves Investigates Jack the Ripper, was a major contributor to the Channel Five special Jack the Ripper:- The Definitive Story , and, in 2010, he worked with the late Sir Donald Sinden, for whom he scripted a series on the Great West End Theatres.

He has recently also completed a 60 minute documentary The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes, for which he was co-writer, presenter and Executive Producer.

In 2016 he was featured on CBS News talking abut Charles Dickens and the writing of A Christmas Carol; and in 2017 he will be featured in a new documentary on The History Channel talking about the mystery of the Jack the Ripper murders.

In short, his knowledge of London is second to none, which is why his treasure hunts always uncover parts of London that other activities simply don't reach!

We Can Design A Treasure Hunt
On Any Theme And Anywhere

You might have a specific theme or area for your treasure hunt. No problem, you can make use of our Tailor Made service. Simply tell us where you wish to start and end, and we will write a treasure hunt to your exact specifications. Over the years we've devised a vast range of quests covering a variety of themes.

Two team members posing with Mr Blobby.

We once arranged for a group of senior insurance brokers to go round the City of London dressed as rabbits (we kid you not!)

On another occasion we sent a group of marine analysts into docklands dressed as pirates to search for Captain Jack's treasure. We even organised a midnight spooky treasure hunt for a firm of American attorneys who wanted something a "little bit different" to do in London. A 1am expedition into a haunted and eerie graveyard most certainly exceeded their expectations!

We've organised a Jack the Ripper crime hunt for a group of serving police officers; plotted a medicinal London expedition for a conference of cardiologists; and even put together a Sherlock Holmes Mystery treasure hunt for a group of crime reporters.

The point is that, with a canvass like London at our disposal, we really can be creative when devising a treasure hunt. If you can imagine it then we can devise it.

Our Routes Are Always Up To Date

Because we also operate a regular programme of innovative and exciting London walks, Jack the Ripper Tours and Haunted London walks we are able to monitor each and every route on an almost daily basis. Should anything change on your London Treasure Hunt between us sending the packs to you and the date on which you plan to undertake your activity, we can let you know immediately and, if necessary, replace your packs.

A woman reads a treasure hunt clue and scratches her head.

This is a hugely important consideration when deciding who to entrust the planning of your event to. London is currently almost one vast building site. Scaffolding can spring up overnight. Buildings that were there one month may well be demolished the next! If a clue happens to disappear behind scaffolding or get bulldozed into the ground your London Treasure Hunt could be ruined.

But, because we walk these routes on an almost daily basis, we know instantly when something changes and can either make the appropriate alterations or else advise you on what course of action to take to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

This local knowledge and intelligence has sometimes saved the day for our clients and is indicative of our attention to detail in keeping abreast of what is going on in London. We do all the worrying so that you won't have to!

Let The Experts Provide Your Perfect
Team Building Event in London

Three people acting surprised as one of their pose challenges.
A team crowd into a London phone box.
Two girls salute an image of Queen Elizabeth 11 as part of their London team building pose challenge.

So, when planning a London treasure hunt or team building activity be sure to entrust it to a company that not only knows what they're doing, but that also has an in depth knowledge of where you'll be doing it.

That way you can be sure that your day will run smoothly and you will really get to know all the wonderful places that London has to offer